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Part I - Steps to success!

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  • Check the Settings tab and update details if required to make sure your profile is accurate.
  • Download and go through the FREE training worksheet document. This allows you to focus and make better decisions in regards to your career and retreats. CLICK HERE to download the worksheet
  • Set-up your retreat by completing the info in the Set-up your Retreat tab.
  • Download and go through the How to Market you Retreat Guide. Then implement your marketing plan! CLICK HERE to download the FREE guide.


Part II - Create Tracking Links (Affiliate URLs)

create tracking links

Why affiliate links?

Your affiliate links allow the system to track your commission. You must use the links to ensure you get paid the 10% for all the students that book your retreat. 

Affiliate links Format

The format is always URLForPage/?ref=YourAffililiateID
For example, if you were promoting the Yoga and Surf Retreat and your ID was 2589: https://surftaghazout.com/all-inclusive-surf-and-yoga-retreat/?ref= 2589   

The retreats you can promote:

Yoga and Culture Immersion, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/yoga-retreats-taghazout-morocco/
Yoga and Surf, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/all-inclusive-surf-and-yoga-retreat   

How to use your affiliate links:

  • If you choose to have a page created on our site for your retreat then you can send your students to your affiliate page to see your retreat details and book it directly.
  • If you are promoting your retreat under your own brand and you don’t have your own dedicated page on our site then you can use your affiliate link to book your students in with us, as they book places with you. We require a 30% deposit to hold places and allocate accommodation.

The rest of the fee for each participant will either be paid by you via bank transfer (if you are using your own site to promote your retreat and accept payments) or if you are using our site to take the bookings we will collect the rest of the fee from the students ourselves. All fees must be fully paid within 1 month of the retreat date.   

How to use the marketing materials:

If you have a blog or web site, you can use the code shown in the Marketing Material tab.

To use just the images, You can just right click, save the image and link to your affiliate URL instead.

We constantly update the marketing material available for promotions to make sure you have all you need to run successful retreats with us.   

Your commission and payments:

  • The system will track the bookings and calculate your commission.
  • It will also pay you automatically via PayPal every 2 weeks from the deposit your students pay.
  • The system sets a cookie when someone visits your link and this cookie is used in case the student visit your affiliate URL but doesn’t book straight away. The cookie is valid for 120 days so when the student books the commission is paid to you.
  • The 200 Euro bonus for teaching the classes (Note it will be 100 Euro if you promote and sell the 20% off retreats – more info on the Your Links (Affiliate URLs) Tab) will be sent to you via PayPal on the second day of the retreat.

Let's get started!

Fill in the details below and click the “set-up retreat” button
Retreats usually run Saturday to Saturday. If you would like a different arrival and departure date or a shorter retreat please specify below.

    Promote the retreat using your dedicated page on our site:

    If you have chosen to have a page created for your retreat when you set-up your retreat with us, the URL for the page was sent to you by e-mail.
    Your affiliate URL will be: the URL for the page/?ref=[affiliate_id]


    If you do not have a dedicated page on our site, the links below apply.


    Promote the retreat using the general page for retreat:

    1. Full-price Retreats: (default)

    • Yoga and Culture Immersion, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/yoga-retreats-taghazout-morocco/?ref=[affiliate_id]
    • Yoga and Surf, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/all-inclusive-surf-and-yoga-retreat/?ref=[affiliate_id]

    2. 20% OFF Discount (if you need to fill final spaces):

    • 20% OFF Yoga and Culture Immersion, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/all-inclusive-yoga-retreat-by-the-beach-in-morocco/?ref=[affiliate_id]
    • 20% OFF Yoga and Surf, URL: https://surftaghazout.com/all-inclusive-surf-and-yoga-retreat-offer/?ref=[affiliate_id]

    NOTE: Keep in mind that we pay 100 Euro Bonus for teaching instead of 200 Euro if you sign-up more than 3 students at the discounted rate. The offers are only available to allow teachers to fill final remaining spaces. It is up to you to use it as you think appropriate.





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