All-Inclusive Yoga Retreat: Renew your Body and Mind

Our Yoga & Meditation retreat is for everyone. For all who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga and reconnect with themselves and nature through their journey back to their most authentic selves. An interest towards self-reflection, transformation and good times is a must!

As a guest of our retreat, you will enjoy yoga classes both in our seafront terrace and out in nature embraced by the elements.  Ashtanga or Hatha yoga are taught during the morning and Vinyasa or Yin Yoga in the evening, usually at sunset. You will also be able to dive into the world of Pranayama and breath work and re-align your body in the seamless, non-judgmental way Yoga provides.

Our retreat is designed to support your practice and nurture your body through movement and  nutrition. The mindful nature and cultural trips shall take you to a place of relaxation and gratitude, where you can truly be in the moment, relaxed and yet stimulated by its beauty and contrast.

Taghazout, with its gorgeous sandy beaches, open spaces and mountains all around provides the ideal antidote to the stresses of modern life.

Our Locations

Downtown Camp - Apts with Roof Terrace

surf camp

The downtown camp, comprises 3 shared apartments and includes a Seaview roof terrace. The apartments are situated in the middle of Taghazout town and within walking distance to beaches and local amenities.

Each apartment is fitted to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

€595 P/P/W in shared apartment. Based on 2 sharing


Seafront Villa

surf villa

Our villa is situated in a beautiful secluded area of Taghazout and yet, it is within a short walking distance to a number of beaches, including the one just beside us. This part of Taghazout is one of the most prestigious areas in the town, surrounded by sea and mountains. The villa offers stunning panoramic views and a very large terrace for you to unwind and enjoy the good life.

shared room

4 beds Shared Room

€795  P/P/W

Double room


2 beds Shared Double/Twin Room

Price €895 P/P/W

Price per person, based on two sharing. To book you must book for two.

single room

Single Occupancy Room

€995  P/P/W

Price based on individual occupancy













Typical Day:






Free-time (enjoy the beach, sun loungers, take a stroll, read a book...)


Lunch at the seafront terrace


Day Exploration Trip




Pranayama, Reflection and Meditation




 Agadir Airport transfers, pick up & drop off

 Accommodation (7 nights)

Healthy Buffet Breakfast

 Vegetarian Lunch

 Herbal teas and fruit available throughout the day

 Delicious Nourishing Vegetarian Dinner Followed by Fruit and Tea

 2 daily Yoga Lessons x 5 days

 Meditation classes

 Mindful Nature and Cultural Exploration Trips 

 Traditional Hammam Purifying Ritual: Steam Room and Massage

 Friendly hosts to assist you

 FREE Wi-fi

Immerse Yourself In The Rich Moroccan Culture!

Sample its colors, flavors and textures. Enjoy its hospitality and embrace the exotic landscape.




Mindful Explorations: Moroccan Heritage and Nature



The hammam purifying ritual is a venerated Moroccan tradition, which has endured for centuries into the present day. Even now, thousands of Moroccans attend their local hammams weekly to cleanse themselves and enjoy a little bit of socialising and gossip on the side.

In the hammam, your body is cleansed from head to toe. The ritual takes place in a humid steam chamber, where a Tellak, a hammam attendant, will douse you with water before applying the black soap to your skin and exfoliating it with a kessa glove.

During your purifying experience you will also receive a 30 minutes massage at the end.

You need to wear a bikini or swim suit for the hammam. It is a good idea to take your flip flops with you to wear as you walk between treatment rooms.

Souk el Had


This authentic traditional market perpetuates the legacy of the country’s trading places. Open six days a week, except Monday, the Souk El Had, is so named  in memory of the time when it was only Sunday. Here you can immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere and discover an abundance of merchandise, from the most contemporary to the most artisanal.

Souk El Had attracts a clientele from all walks of life. Spices, olives, honey and dates, furniture and fabrics through crafts, fashion, household equipment and tools, you will find everything, at competitive prices.

You can also enjoy the freshness of local products, admire the colors, smell the perfumes and taste the flavors beautifully sublimated by Moroccan cuisine

Paradise valley

paradise valley Agadir trip

Paradise Valley is a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. It is located approximately 20 km north of Agadir. The valley is known for its abundance of rock pools and small waterfalls.

This scenic Oasis is a top place for hiking, sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. Emerald-coloured waters sparkle beneath dramatic red-orange rocks. Small Berber villages dot the surrounding countryside.

On the way to the Valley we will stop off at an argan cooperative where the local ladies show you how the oil and creams are all made. Then off to Paradise Valley where we will do a 20 minute hike into the valley where you come across a series of lush rock pools in a beautiful oasis. We will stay for a while and enjoy the view and nature. We will then hike a bit more and explore the area. Water will be supplied.