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Notes for both offers:

You receive 10% of the booking value within 2 weeks of booking;

The retreats in ours seafront villa are off season. There is a 20% discount offered. Commission rate below takes the discount into consideration. The retreats we offer in the camp are for the high season, no discount but lower price point (the villa is premium accomodation).

The Commission you will receive  per person (depending on the room type booked):

  • €63.60 (Villa Shared room for 4)
  • €71.60 (Villa Double/twin room)
  • €79.60 (Villa Single room)
  • €59.50 (Camp shared twin room)

7 nights All-inclusive Yoga Retreat. Copy this link:


7 nights All-inclusive SURF and Yoga Retreat. Copy this link:


Note: You can promote as many offers as you wish! We constantly update and add more offers to the list.

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